Ramble On!

(Love me some Led Zeppelin and so does this little eggplant inside of me)

It’s dark and dreary and chilly out this morning.. but I’m welcoming fall weather with open arms! 6 months pregnant can get the best of you. Emotions, endless thoughts and research and cleaning/nesting frenzies. Am I ready for this? Will we be ready for this? 15 weeks away from a new life in our lives and though I couldn’t be more ecstatic , I’m scared as hell!

I’m newly adjusting to “stay at home” life and hoping it’s only temporary until our little blessing comes along. Mr. Clean sheets have become my new best friend and I can’t stop wiping everything down. My polish Nana taught me this. And I want to be prepared for baby! Nothing can ever be too clean, especially with a newborn in January. Everyday I try to tackle a new project and daily chores. Meals, recipes, perfect housewife goals. Cleaning has become my new wine, my new outlet. I cannot fully nest until our addition is started and completed but I am thrilled to do that! Hopefully in the next couple of weeks! Can’t wait to work on our little guy’s room and later on.. ours and our daughter’s! Everyone gets a new room… you get a new room, and you get a new room and you get new digs too!

My family comes first. Having a stepdaughter I am fully prepared for the years of 4 through 8… but infancy? Where to begin?! “It all just comes to you…,” they say. And I believe it but I guess I’m just so anxious to actually live it and experience it! I have a great support system- first and foremost with my husband who’s done it all already, but this is a different experience for both of us. Then the mother and grandmother who have always been there for me, in laws nearby and my uncle who is my voice of reason at times, we play neutral for one another. He is like a father to me.

Maybe I’m just so excited and rambling and confused and eager to learn it all! Steps and slow are hard for me. How do you be a good wife and mother at once? Children always first! Am I doing everything while I can? I mean, like everyone out there, I try until I’m exhausted. I’ve been doing great handling my emotional outbursts during pregnancy, next to none! Lavender oils, cleaning, writing, walking, Prenatal Pilates and just keeping busy have helped! I just feel like things are a whirlwind lately. I long for days and weekends with my husband. Those just the two of us moments are going to be few and far between and he’s the best part of life. I truly feel desperate but then there’s the frenzy of “must do” “must be” only it’s all taking time. 25 weeks has flown by! And to think only 15 weeks left, ONLY, is mind blowing! I don’t think my husband has the time to think about all the things I do, he’s out there providing, working, busting his butt! He’s a great man! The best! And he’s hardly worried at all, I wish I had that! But then again… he has vino…

Next month we attend our all day prenatal course! And will be there with bells on! I feel there is nothing that can bring two people closer than sharing a child, in a house and relationship founded on love. I am thrilled to be sharing this experience with him! I will bring back full report on things that will reassure my mind there and the plethora of knowledge from the hospital nurses.

I can’t even describe how happy being a mother already makes me! I love to feel him inside of me, it just never gets old! I have no words for it. Except love. And love is always the root of any kind of relationship, work relationship (are you passionate about what you do? Do you love the money at least and providing?), falling in love and working to build that lasting forever with someone(maybe it doesn’t always feel like work) and then love from love which maps out the rest of your future and that’s so beautiful in itself!

Enjoy it mamas, share some stories of pregnancy and once the little bundle of joy enters your lives~ please and thank you!

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