The Home Stretch

I’m baking cookies. Cleaning every inch of the house at all times. Literally living in leggings. My back has serious stretching pains going on. And I’m nesting big time! At 28 weeks pregnant- I’m torn between keeping this baby safe and sound in me forever but so ready to meet him. We unfortunately will not have our addition in time so our little dollhouse will remain little- for only a few more short months- and blessed by a little man’s new presence. Quarters will be tight but I do believe everything happens for a reason. We have already a whole wall collection in our living room and dining room of baby things! It’s euphoric, every time I come home or walk down the stairs and see everything, my heart melts and baby P probably kicks a few times too! 2020 will be the biggest adventure of our lives and I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else by my side except my husband! (Who still gives me butterflies and makes me laugh like crazy). His new buddy loves Phil Collins, I learned this tonight, literally dancing to Phil in my belly- so amazing!

I’m not trying to rush anything but I want to decorate for Christmas- yesterday! As perfect as summer and sunsets and late nights and BBQs are… Christmas is just magical! It’s magical for children and adults! Only a couple more weeks. Nesting. Post baby shower I can really kick it into gears. The Home Stretch. Our adventure of a lifetime. I’ll be soon reorganizing our bedroom and singing Christmas tunes to the belly. But for now, me and the fur baby, Billy (my first boy) will try to rest and catch a RomCom.

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