Holiday Cheer, Babymoonin’ & Baby Shower

We had our first snow yesterday and it’s so beautiful when you’re not driving in it and stuck in one place you actually want to be. The white blanket and the pinkish grey sky.. the stillness it brings. Definitely a great way to welcome December!

December, lights have been up a good couple weeks now, mini tree due to baby Pulley taking up the house wall to wall, and the smell of fresh balsam and Christmas cookies permanently linger in the air. As beautiful as all this is, all I want is sleep. Pregnancy insomnia is real. I feel well prepared to wake up through the night that’s for sure. I cannot believe we are in our third trimester let alone single digit weeks away from meeting our baby boy! (8 weeks!)

November was busy and flew by. I certainly took advantage of being pregnant on Thanksgiving this year and indulged for two! November also was my baby shower and our childbirth prep class- which I absolutely recommend- check with your hospital! My shower was a Pinterest lovers dream and just feelings of overwhelming joy and love exuded. The baby officially has more clothes than me. Pack n play, bassinet.. all set up (also temporarily good for storage of his other little things). I’ve learned that baby equipment does not ever come with instructions and that that’s okay because nor do babies. I wouldn’t have it any other way though, I love putting together strollers, watching the car seats being properly installed, everything come together and all centered around love. Greg has been rubbing my back nightly because I’m so sore and I can’t imagine having it any better! He’s such an amazing daddy already!

Registry must haves:

– Travel System- I chose the Baby Jogger City Select and Maxi Cosi infant seat. When he grows out of that we have the convertible 4 in 1 Britax which has the greatest safety reviews!

-Pack n Play- Graco Care Play Suite

-any play gyms, swings, and other activity sets- our plan is to have multiple areas of activity for the lucky boy!

– little things ranging from binkies (the WubbaNub is my fav!) to receiving blankets and swaddles. I opted against the Doc A Tot and chose the SnuggleMe Organics infant lounger (reviews with washing the fitted sheet are better; easier; lighter).

– necessities- the options are endless.

-a diaper raffle and baby books instead of cards (that get thrown out) are amazing ideas and fun for all parties!

Speaking of how it can’t get any better, we had planned our weekend babymoon back in July in the cute shore town around the corner from us, Spring Lake, NJ. That was this weekend! It was the greatest, most relaxing, peaceful thing we could’ve done for ourselves and at nearly 32 weeks pregnant, the perfect time. I give it to all the mamas to be who can escape on a tropical island and be okay with the virgin umbrella drinks- but that’s not me! I encourage you all FTMs to look for deals and just treat yourselves somewhere between your second and third trimesters. Squeeze out the love that created this miracle with your SO, absolutely absorb the moments of just you two!

Now, I will begin to wash the teeny tiny baby clothes in all shades of blue with the cutest sayings on them and pack our hospital bag. It’s all happening in the blink of an eye! Speaking of eyes, Maybe I can close them for just an hour more before morning routine kicks in!

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