Early arrival and never on time again!

Logan Gregory Pulley arrived exactly 3 weeks before his due date of 1/27/20. My hospital bag was packed since 30 weeks, and his crib and changing table were delivered the week of Christmas. My last day at work for leave was scheduled 1/3 but I was supposed to be working from home starting 1/6. We were not as prepared as I thought I’d be but this babe was coming out regardless! Everything was perfect. Not having my makeup done as planned or being freshly showered and having all my bags to go and be calm cool and collect went out the window. But still, 17 hours of labor and 1 hour of active pushing- I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Our 6lb 11oz gift arrived at 11:24am and it was magical. I won’t bore anyone with his birth story but I will say it was incredible. The whole experience of motherhood and the FEELING three weeks later is incredible. What’s tired? Coffee has been invented for a reason. Baby blues? Negative. This life that you have given… that cries and you have to figure out what it needs and love dearly… OUTSTANDING! Motherhood is the greatest feeling in the whole world. I thought I could never love my husband more but yet again I’ve proven myself wrong, as a father I’ve loved him of course and that’s part of the reason we went at this together, but as father to our son, unreal. Our whole perspective on life, on each other, on hopes and fears and love, has changed together and we have new bonding experiences! I almost envy his big sister, I grew up an only child, but THAT love is real, and I am in awe of witnessing every day, and I’m the luckiest! Everything is worth it, aches, nausea, insomnia, being delirious post natal- life has begun all over again, and according to what I hear with an infant, we will never be on time for anything again! Bring it on! It is true that the best moments come at the most unsuspecting times!

Not to mention- I love my body and encourage all you mamas to love yours more than ever- what it can do, what it’s done and the aftermath. Now, have that glass of wine you’ve waited 9 months for (more or less) and cheers!

Cheers! In this case- craft beer! 10 days PP

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Beautiful; peaceful; inspired

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