Early arrival and never on time again!

Logan Gregory Pulley arrived exactly 3 weeks before his due date of 1/27/20. My hospital bag was packed since 30 weeks, and his crib and changing table were delivered the week of Christmas. My last day at work for leave was scheduled 1/3 but I was supposed to be working from home starting 1/6. WeContinue reading “Early arrival and never on time again!”

Holiday Cheer, Babymoonin’ & Baby Shower

We had our first snow yesterday and it’s so beautiful when you’re not driving in it and stuck in one place you actually want to be. The white blanket and the pinkish grey sky.. the stillness it brings. Definitely a great way to welcome December! December, lights have been up a good couple weeks now,Continue reading “Holiday Cheer, Babymoonin’ & Baby Shower”

Ramble On!

(Love me some Led Zeppelin and so does this little eggplant inside of me) It’s dark and dreary and chilly out this morning.. but I’m welcoming fall weather with open arms! 6 months pregnant can get the best of you. Emotions, endless thoughts and research and cleaning/nesting frenzies. Am I ready for this? Will weContinue reading “Ramble On!”

Mountains & Beach life- Pacific City, Oregon

My husband and I had this idea for our one year wedding anniversary to go west and somewhere totally unheard of and unique… Pacific City, OR was our choice! It was the perfect combination of vast mountains and greenery, breweries and beaches. Cool pacific coast beaches with winding roads along the beachfront. Pacific City isContinue reading “Mountains & Beach life- Pacific City, Oregon”

That Pregnancy Glow 🙌🏻

Every mom-to-be dreams of her pregnancy glow. The luscious hair, the strong long nails and the healthy glow. Thing is everyone’s hormones are different and body’s react in different ways. Maybe hair is duller; maybe even the skin! I, for example, went from great combination skin to super dry! Even in the summer! I’m sureContinue reading “That Pregnancy Glow 🙌🏻”

Strawberry Fields Forever

Current pregnancy craving: Strawberries- milkshakes, in my water, as a snack, in a smoothie, you name it I need it. Strawberries just happen to be one of my favorite skincare essentials as well. They are an incredible source of Vitamin C! Promoting collagen, glowing skin, and whitening your teeth! As an antioxidant they are powerhousesContinue reading “Strawberry Fields Forever”

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