My First Blog Post


”you quench my heart and you quench my mind. Celebrate we will, cause life is short but sweet for certain.” -DMB

The meet-cute— the introduction of characters, not always romantic, in a cute or unusual way- to form a lasting relationship. I invite you all to my introduction and to follow my blog!

About me:

Rose. Married to perfection. It exists! Step- daughter & a boy on the way! Cat. Dog. Perfect Shore town livin’. Esthetician by trade. Lover of all things beauty, lifestyle & travel. Beer & breweries; wine & wineries. Summer is my favorite. Bare feet in sand. Petrichor. Wanderlust. Fortunate accidents. Bronzed skin. Romance. Laughing til I cry

Welcome to my blog! Enjoy!

Early arrival and never on time again!

Logan Gregory Pulley arrived exactly 3 weeks before his due date of 1/27/20. My hospital bag was packed since 30 weeks, and his crib and changing table were delivered the week of Christmas. My last day at work for leave was scheduled 1/3 but I was supposed to be working from home starting 1/6. We were not as prepared as I thought I’d be but this babe was coming out regardless! Everything was perfect. Not having my makeup done as planned or being freshly showered and having all my bags to go and be calm cool and collect went out the window. But still, 17 hours of labor and 1 hour of active pushing- I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Our 6lb 11oz gift arrived at 11:24am and it was magical. I won’t bore anyone with his birth story but I will say it was incredible. The whole experience of motherhood and the FEELING three weeks later is incredible. What’s tired? Coffee has been invented for a reason. Baby blues? Negative. This life that you have given… that cries and you have to figure out what it needs and love dearly… OUTSTANDING! Motherhood is the greatest feeling in the whole world. I thought I could never love my husband more but yet again I’ve proven myself wrong, as a father I’ve loved him of course and that’s part of the reason we went at this together, but as father to our son, unreal. Our whole perspective on life, on each other, on hopes and fears and love, has changed together and we have new bonding experiences! I almost envy his big sister, I grew up an only child, but THAT love is real, and I am in awe of witnessing every day, and I’m the luckiest! Everything is worth it, aches, nausea, insomnia, being delirious post natal- life has begun all over again, and according to what I hear with an infant, we will never be on time for anything again! Bring it on! It is true that the best moments come at the most unsuspecting times!

Not to mention- I love my body and encourage all you mamas to love yours more than ever- what it can do, what it’s done and the aftermath. Now, have that glass of wine you’ve waited 9 months for (more or less) and cheers!

Cheers! In this case- craft beer! 10 days PP

Holiday Cheer, Babymoonin’ & Baby Shower

We had our first snow yesterday and it’s so beautiful when you’re not driving in it and stuck in one place you actually want to be. The white blanket and the pinkish grey sky.. the stillness it brings. Definitely a great way to welcome December!

December, lights have been up a good couple weeks now, mini tree due to baby Pulley taking up the house wall to wall, and the smell of fresh balsam and Christmas cookies permanently linger in the air. As beautiful as all this is, all I want is sleep. Pregnancy insomnia is real. I feel well prepared to wake up through the night that’s for sure. I cannot believe we are in our third trimester let alone single digit weeks away from meeting our baby boy! (8 weeks!)

November was busy and flew by. I certainly took advantage of being pregnant on Thanksgiving this year and indulged for two! November also was my baby shower and our childbirth prep class- which I absolutely recommend- check with your hospital! My shower was a Pinterest lovers dream and just feelings of overwhelming joy and love exuded. The baby officially has more clothes than me. Pack n play, bassinet.. all set up (also temporarily good for storage of his other little things). I’ve learned that baby equipment does not ever come with instructions and that that’s okay because nor do babies. I wouldn’t have it any other way though, I love putting together strollers, watching the car seats being properly installed, everything come together and all centered around love. Greg has been rubbing my back nightly because I’m so sore and I can’t imagine having it any better! He’s such an amazing daddy already!

Registry must haves:

– Travel System- I chose the Baby Jogger City Select and Maxi Cosi infant seat. When he grows out of that we have the convertible 4 in 1 Britax which has the greatest safety reviews!

-Pack n Play- Graco Care Play Suite

-any play gyms, swings, and other activity sets- our plan is to have multiple areas of activity for the lucky boy!

– little things ranging from binkies (the WubbaNub is my fav!) to receiving blankets and swaddles. I opted against the Doc A Tot and chose the SnuggleMe Organics infant lounger (reviews with washing the fitted sheet are better; easier; lighter).

– necessities- the options are endless.

-a diaper raffle and baby books instead of cards (that get thrown out) are amazing ideas and fun for all parties!

Speaking of how it can’t get any better, we had planned our weekend babymoon back in July in the cute shore town around the corner from us, Spring Lake, NJ. That was this weekend! It was the greatest, most relaxing, peaceful thing we could’ve done for ourselves and at nearly 32 weeks pregnant, the perfect time. I give it to all the mamas to be who can escape on a tropical island and be okay with the virgin umbrella drinks- but that’s not me! I encourage you all FTMs to look for deals and just treat yourselves somewhere between your second and third trimesters. Squeeze out the love that created this miracle with your SO, absolutely absorb the moments of just you two!

Now, I will begin to wash the teeny tiny baby clothes in all shades of blue with the cutest sayings on them and pack our hospital bag. It’s all happening in the blink of an eye! Speaking of eyes, Maybe I can close them for just an hour more before morning routine kicks in!

The Home Stretch

I’m baking cookies. Cleaning every inch of the house at all times. Literally living in leggings. My back has serious stretching pains going on. And I’m nesting big time! At 28 weeks pregnant- I’m torn between keeping this baby safe and sound in me forever but so ready to meet him. We unfortunately will not have our addition in time so our little dollhouse will remain little- for only a few more short months- and blessed by a little man’s new presence. Quarters will be tight but I do believe everything happens for a reason. We have already a whole wall collection in our living room and dining room of baby things! It’s euphoric, every time I come home or walk down the stairs and see everything, my heart melts and baby P probably kicks a few times too! 2020 will be the biggest adventure of our lives and I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else by my side except my husband! (Who still gives me butterflies and makes me laugh like crazy). His new buddy loves Phil Collins, I learned this tonight, literally dancing to Phil in my belly- so amazing!

I’m not trying to rush anything but I want to decorate for Christmas- yesterday! As perfect as summer and sunsets and late nights and BBQs are… Christmas is just magical! It’s magical for children and adults! Only a couple more weeks. Nesting. Post baby shower I can really kick it into gears. The Home Stretch. Our adventure of a lifetime. I’ll be soon reorganizing our bedroom and singing Christmas tunes to the belly. But for now, me and the fur baby, Billy (my first boy) will try to rest and catch a RomCom.

Ramble On!

(Love me some Led Zeppelin and so does this little eggplant inside of me)

It’s dark and dreary and chilly out this morning.. but I’m welcoming fall weather with open arms! 6 months pregnant can get the best of you. Emotions, endless thoughts and research and cleaning/nesting frenzies. Am I ready for this? Will we be ready for this? 15 weeks away from a new life in our lives and though I couldn’t be more ecstatic , I’m scared as hell!

I’m newly adjusting to “stay at home” life and hoping it’s only temporary until our little blessing comes along. Mr. Clean sheets have become my new best friend and I can’t stop wiping everything down. My polish Nana taught me this. And I want to be prepared for baby! Nothing can ever be too clean, especially with a newborn in January. Everyday I try to tackle a new project and daily chores. Meals, recipes, perfect housewife goals. Cleaning has become my new wine, my new outlet. I cannot fully nest until our addition is started and completed but I am thrilled to do that! Hopefully in the next couple of weeks! Can’t wait to work on our little guy’s room and later on.. ours and our daughter’s! Everyone gets a new room… you get a new room, and you get a new room and you get new digs too!

My family comes first. Having a stepdaughter I am fully prepared for the years of 4 through 8… but infancy? Where to begin?! “It all just comes to you…,” they say. And I believe it but I guess I’m just so anxious to actually live it and experience it! I have a great support system- first and foremost with my husband who’s done it all already, but this is a different experience for both of us. Then the mother and grandmother who have always been there for me, in laws nearby and my uncle who is my voice of reason at times, we play neutral for one another. He is like a father to me.

Maybe I’m just so excited and rambling and confused and eager to learn it all! Steps and slow are hard for me. How do you be a good wife and mother at once? Children always first! Am I doing everything while I can? I mean, like everyone out there, I try until I’m exhausted. I’ve been doing great handling my emotional outbursts during pregnancy, next to none! Lavender oils, cleaning, writing, walking, Prenatal Pilates and just keeping busy have helped! I just feel like things are a whirlwind lately. I long for days and weekends with my husband. Those just the two of us moments are going to be few and far between and he’s the best part of life. I truly feel desperate but then there’s the frenzy of “must do” “must be” only it’s all taking time. 25 weeks has flown by! And to think only 15 weeks left, ONLY, is mind blowing! I don’t think my husband has the time to think about all the things I do, he’s out there providing, working, busting his butt! He’s a great man! The best! And he’s hardly worried at all, I wish I had that! But then again… he has vino…

Next month we attend our all day prenatal course! And will be there with bells on! I feel there is nothing that can bring two people closer than sharing a child, in a house and relationship founded on love. I am thrilled to be sharing this experience with him! I will bring back full report on things that will reassure my mind there and the plethora of knowledge from the hospital nurses.

I can’t even describe how happy being a mother already makes me! I love to feel him inside of me, it just never gets old! I have no words for it. Except love. And love is always the root of any kind of relationship, work relationship (are you passionate about what you do? Do you love the money at least and providing?), falling in love and working to build that lasting forever with someone(maybe it doesn’t always feel like work) and then love from love which maps out the rest of your future and that’s so beautiful in itself!

Enjoy it mamas, share some stories of pregnancy and once the little bundle of joy enters your lives~ please and thank you!

Mountains & Beach life- Pacific City, Oregon

My husband and I had this idea for our one year wedding anniversary to go west and somewhere totally unheard of and unique… Pacific City, OR was our choice! It was the perfect combination of vast mountains and greenery, breweries and beaches. Cool pacific coast beaches with winding roads along the beachfront. Pacific City is a great central point if you’re looking to venture off to the north and south of the coasts. We did it with day trips! Discovering our love for the northern journey of Cannon Beach. Which we wound up even staying a night there before returning to Jersey. Being from the East Coast and Jersey beaches, this was unlike anything we’ve ever seen or experienced. Very quiet towns. Damp weather. Yet, astonishing unique beauty everywhere you looked from Smokey mountains to rippling sand tides. You can also find the Haystack Rocks out here! National Geographic’s, “America’s Best Beach Towns.” (And home to the classic: The Goonies final scene).

Our favorites included:

Pacific Coast Brewery- Cannon Beach

Rogue Public House- Newport (best pizza ever!)

Bay City Fish Peddler- BayCity

Pelican Brewery in Pacific City for its location alone and moreso the pub fare-beachfront dining and libations. Didn’t love the beer though- we are beer snobs!

Depoe Bay- go see some whales- we weren’t as fortunate but definitely a cool spot!

Bills Tavern- Cannon Beach

Puffin Winery- Cannon Beach

You can find everything in Cannon Beach. That’s why we loved it! A little New England like town beachfront and mountainside with exquisite art galleries, shopping and great food!

Hotels: The Inn at Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City- so cute great location beachfront- very peaceful- happy hours and movies and unreal view of one of the rocks!

Our overnight in Cannon Beach we stayed on the beach at a townhouse like resort suite with fireplace and enclosed hot tub oceanfront- walking distance everything! ~The Waves Cannon Beach~

Disclaimer: Dispensaries everywhere- be safe! 😉

If you’re looking for different and a fun experience- look no further than the Oregon Coast- we love ourselves some islands and warmth and beach life but this was unforgettable we’re so glad we went!

Cannon Beach Haystack Rock
View from our room in Pacific City

That Pregnancy Glow 🙌🏻

Every mom-to-be dreams of her pregnancy glow. The luscious hair, the strong long nails and the healthy glow. Thing is everyone’s hormones are different and body’s react in different ways. Maybe hair is duller; maybe even the skin! I, for example, went from great combination skin to super dry! Even in the summer! I’m sure my body will trick me again in the coming months- maybe I’ll even be oily this winter!

The excitement when you first find out…! The lists,the worries, the “not to use” products! Endless research. And not one manual can help!

Retinol was maybe once your best friend- not anymore mom-to-be, skin cell turnover seems like a thing of the past! But not for long! I wasn’t going to NOT exfoliate my whole pregnancy! You just have to readjust your whole routine! Ingredients are very important! The largest organ in your body(your skin) can absorb everything you put on it- and not all those things are good for your new #1.

Meet your new best friend: fruit acids.

My two saviors have been:

Retrouve’ Skin Brilliance Priming Pads-gentle, non-abrasive fruit derived glow pads! Ingredients include naturally occurring AHAs like sugar cane and maple, even lemon extract! Adios dead skin cells! Use on cleansed, dry skin (I do twice a week or as needed) and get ready to Rock your glowing complexion!

If you’re looking for a little kick and lower maintenance look no further than…

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Pregnancy- exfoliates, brightens and tones skin for maximum product absorption. Delivers exfoliation without Vitamin A and corrects the visibility of dark spots, uneven skin tone and blemishes. Healthy cell turnover for maximum penetration. Once a week is enough for my dry skin and I feel like I just got a facial. Apply to cleansed damp skin. Leave on for 10-15 min, rinse and GLOW!

Honestly, I’ve never felt more beautiful than growing a human inside of me, (with the exception of occasional insecurities- )but there is always a way to treat yourself and still look fab momma! Be your best self! Self care is symbiotic with self love. 💕

Strawberry Fields Forever

Current pregnancy craving: Strawberries- milkshakes, in my water, as a snack, in a smoothie, you name it I need it. Strawberries just happen to be one of my favorite skincare essentials as well. They are an incredible source of Vitamin C! Promoting collagen, glowing skin, and whitening your teeth! As an antioxidant they are powerhouses to control blood sugar and heart health! So while Jersey is doing its “Indian summer” thing- savor the juiciness of those sweet little red bites and be like Baby P! Your body will thank you 🙂

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